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From the French Revolution to the Second World War

La Cybersecurite Que Sais-je? La Gestalt-therapie Que Sais-je? La Kabbale Que Sais-je? La Linguistique Que Sais-je?

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La Logique Floue Que Sais-je? La Mondialisation Que Sais-je? La Mort Que Sais-je? La Paranoia Que Sais-je? La Philosophie Medievale Que Sais-je? La Psychanalyse Que Sais-je? La Sante Publique Que Sais-je? La Science Politique Que Sais-je? La Securite Sociale Que Sais-je? La Semantique Que Sais-je?

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Coppee ; Ouh! La Menteuse! Le Burn Out Que Sais-je? Le Decrochage Scolaire Que Sais-je? Le Deuil Que Sais-je? Le Droit Public Que Sais-je? Le Marxisme Que Sais-je?

Le Parfum Que Sais-je? Le Sanskrit Que Sais-je? Le Suicide Que Sais-je? Le Turc Tout De Suite! Lectures De Michel Foucault. Les Assurances Maladie Que Sais-je? Les Finances Publiques Que Sais-je? Les Inegalites Scolaires Que Sais-je?

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Les Mayas Que Sais-je? Les Trous Noirs Que Sais-je? Mahomet PDF Download. Neurologie PDF Download. Ta Mere Oxymore, Mon Amour! Processus Tumoraux Unite D Enseignement 2. Psychologie Du Sport Que Sais-je? Qu Est-ce Que Le Bouddhisme? Manuel PDF Download. Se O Sepa? Sectes, Gourous, Etc Sociologie Des Religions Que Sais-je? Bellamy, George Anne, ? London, The author, sold by J.

PDF La politique étrangère européenne: « Que sais-je ? » n° (French Edition)

Memoirs of George Anne Bellamy, including all her intriques; with genuine anecdotes of all her public and private connections. Bellegarde, Jean Baptiste Morvan de, The letters of Monsieur l'Abbe de Bellegarde, to a lady of the court of France, on some curious and usefull subjects.

Item identification number 58; Done in English. Letters, on the force of imagination in pregnant women. Item identification number 60; Wherein it is proved, by incontestible arguments, drawn from both reason and experience, that it is a rediculous prejudice. La Belle Assemblee 3rd series.

From the French Revolution to the Second World War

Bennett, John, curate of St. Mary's, Manchester. Letters to a young lady, on a variety of useful and interesting subjects. Warrington, Printed by W.

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Eyres, for the author. Item identification number 63; Calculated to improve the heart, to form the manners and enlighten the understanding. Mary's, Manchester]. Strictures on female education; chiefly as it relates to the culture of the heart, in four essays. London, Printed for the author, and sold by T. Cadell [etc. Item identification number 64; by a clergyman of the Church of England. Bentley, Thomas, fl. The monvment of matrones: conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises.

Item identification number 65; compiled Beretta, Francesco. Principj di filosofia cristiana sopra lo stato nuziale ad uso delle donzelle nobili. Padova, Giuseppe Comino.


Sermon panegirico de la admirable virgen Santa Rosa de Santa Maria. Lima, Impr. Joseph Manuel Bermudez. Bersano, Bartolommeo, Bertolini, Serafino. Bverwijck, Jan van, Bibliothek der Frauenfrage. Item identification number 72; Nouv.

Paris, J. Bingham, Caleb, The young lady's accidence; or, A short and easy introduction to English grammar. Boston, Printed by I. Biographium faemineum. London, Printed for S. Crowder, and J. Payne [etc.

Item identification number 75; The female worthies; or, Memoirs of the most illustrious ladies, of all ages and nations, who have been eminently distinguished for their magnanimity, learning, genius, virtue, piety, and other excellent endowments Containing exclusive of foreigners the lives of above fourscore British ladies Collected from history, and the most approved biographers, and brought down to the present time.

Birgitta, Saint of Sweden, d. La dichosa peregrina; segundo apocalypse de Dios. Lisboa, En la imprenta da Antonio Pedrozo Galram. Item identification number 77; [with prefaces by Johannes de Turrecremata and Matthias de Suecia. Edited by Florian Waldauf von Waldenstein]. Bland, James, professor of physic. An essay in priase of women; or, A looking-glass for ladies to see their perfections in.