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The point being, there is a multitude of circumstances in which deities may or may not existence and it is the height of arrogance to argue one way or the other without corresponding, supporting evidence. Stefan is a skilled and convincing actor portraying a philosopher.

Godless Ethics, Morality, and Values

Stefan did an excellent job explaining his position, and the book not only clearly identifies the contradictions of agnosticism, but provides clarity for atheism, and thus the puerility of theism. In some places the author hits the nail on the head, such as, 'telling a child that "Jesus died for your sins" is a form of child abuse'. In others, he shows as much presumption and prejudice as those he accuses of presumption and prejudice. For instance, he treats taxes as though they were willful theft by "the government", not giving the full story that, a left to ourselves, we would not pay taxes, b we citizens ARE the government, and c if we don't set up a tax base, we are not going to have the amenities we need and have grown accustomed to, like clean water and paved roads.

You are going to need to bring more of yourself into reading this book than you will to most books. Still, there are some valid points that have not necessarily shown up elsewhere. Very good book.

Scourge Of God (Total War: Attila OST)

It was a nice arguement to read though-out the book but it was clear that Stefan was hell bent on destroying a few arguemnts put forward to prove god did exist. It was too narrow and didn't expand as much as I thought it would.

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If he would of expend the book more and fought different arguements this book would of gotten a five star. There are some excellent points in this little book. However it is very narrowly constructed and not really a guide to atheism. He continually beats on the same point about agnostics treating gods as a special case and the by the same logic they reject many things as outright false but they are too cowardly to do the same thing with the existence of gods.

He is right but I got it early and it didn't need so much repetition.

Taggers For Jesus Fight The Scourge of Atheist Expression

Regardless it's inexpensive and has some good points. Worth reading. I think it is free on his website. In under pages Molyneux has surpassed the most important figures in the atheist movement with the highest clarity and most concise argument ever put forth against the existence of god: the concept itself is a contradiction.

While scholars such as Ludwig von Mises have suggested some arguments in the vain going back as far as the Praxeological argument that you cannot be omnipotent--have everything--and act at the same time, because action itself implies the desire to acquire something that you do not have , Molyneux stands as the first philosopher to hold the position vociferously. Not stopping there, Molyneux merges the very best of his investigations into the trauma of childhood and takes his position one step further: he demonstrates the cowardice while always maintaing compassion for the victims of abuse of agnostics.

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This quick read is a must for any young mind thirsty to cut through the fog of a world gone bonkers by the ideas of those who wish to control them. Skip Dawkins. Skip Hitchens. Skip Harris.

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Read Molyneux. Molyneux does an excellent job at reinforcing his central thesis. What is I wrote a ridiculous and erroneous explanation of climate change Would you base an argument against love on that assertion? People wrote down the Bible and cite it as authoritative for why they believe in their gods and how they know what it wants.

So, taking their claim at face value, using the Bible to show that their belief is unjustified is fair play.

Religious dogma is the claim. Most theists are religious also and use that dogma to 'prove' their chosen deity is real.

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In those cases we are fully justified in analysing and rebutting the claim using it. If you choose to USE the brain in your head you would use it as reference for bullshit also. Reply Quote. November 7th, at 2.

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